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Its More Than Just Software

ParishSupport is a 100% web-based church management software application designed by Catholics to effortlessly engage, enlighten and ultimately empower your parishioners.

It not only allows your church to develop an individual relationship with parishioners but also allows parishioners to learn more about each other, track new events, and develop outreach programs to benefit children & adults.

Why utilize a web-based application?

  • We store your database for you.
  • There is no need to install any new software onto your computer.
  • All data is encrypted for security.
  • We provide a continuous backup of your database.
  • All updates are transparent and require no effort on your part.
  • It can be accessed on any internet-ready device.
With the renewed participation, we have seen an increase in giving allowing us to offer more to our parishioners & community. All because of ParishSupport.
- Father
By implementing ParishSupport, we can now engage with our Parishioners more effectively than ever with half the amount of staff.
- Robert
ParishSupport has done wonders for our level of engagement, we're growing every month. Parish Exchange has given us a communication tool to instantly alert our Parishioners of new events, services and volunteer opportunities available to them.
- Jose